Sammy Express can assist you with many of your travel needs from transportation to bookings. We are able to provide the necessary transportation to fit your group size ranging from personal vacations to large company events. The entirety of our fleet comes equipped with safety features and an experienced driver to help safely take you to your various destinations.

If you plan on traveling for more than one day, why not let us help you book your stay. Sammy Express can assist with your lodging requirements by contacting many different hotels who will openly welcome your stay. With our experience in the service industry, connections with prior quality hotels is a simple task.

With so many attractions and shows all around the west coast, acquiring tickets to many of these destinations on your trip can be difficult and frustrating. With our connections in the service industry, Sammy Express can help you acquire admittance to many of the attractions on your travel plan. Disneyland, Laker games, conventions, and many more, if these things are on your travel itinery, we can help you get tickets to these events.

While we don't plan your trips for you, Sammy Express can help with you with whatever your trip may require.